Running Round

Just because Linda was on holiday was no reason for her to slacken on her running routine. In fact it was even more of an incentive to slip the expensive pink sneakers on and get out there. There were new vistas every day to see on her vacation away from the manic nine-to-five that often became a half-seven till ten on some projects.

She gave a friendly nod to others on holiday as she paced the perimeter of the holiday resort, glancing down at the fitness tracker on her wrist. The screen automatically displayed at the motion of her hand to display all the useful stats a dedicated runner needed. Heart rate was in the zone. VO2 Max was good.

After two days of running, a member of staff intercepted her on the third morning with a polite cough. Linda raised a hand as she came to a stop, tapping the band on her wrist to pause the workout.

“Good morning, Ms. Stone.” The cheery woman in a crisp blue skirt, white blouse and blue waistcoat stated. “You do know we have gym facilities available? We source our exercise equipment from only the best manufacturers and have trained staff on hand to assist and instruct.”

“Oh, I know, I saw it all in the welcoming package.” Linda breathed, feeling a little out of place next to the neatly dressed woman. Her pink running top had darkened from circles of sweat on her chest, under her arms, and it felt like her back was in no better condition.

“Well, we prefer our guests to make use of those facilities rather than…” Trailing off, the worker gestured to the wooden deck that ran around the cruise ship. “It’s why we have them, after all.”

A deep laugh erupted from Linda. “And miss these views?” She gestured to the vast expanse of blue sea and bluer sky just off the port side of the vessel.

“But there’s nothing out there.” A quick glance at her name tag revealed she was called Julie. “We’re days away from the first stop.”

“Exactly. There’s nothing out there. And it’s wonderful!” With a beaming smile she side-stepped Julie and resumed her workout. Linda would incorporate avoiding the staff directing her to the gym to her exercises.

She neglected a very good gym membership at home. Some habits were too consistent to break, even on holiday.


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